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Tim Lorenzo, Lumber Cat.

Tim loves sawdust. He has celebrated its creation in modern penthouses, in historic clock towers, in the homes of humans and animals, and in scraps reworked into items of use and beauty. The presence of hundred year old wood shavings hidden safely behind walls and tucked under stairs inspires Tim to create timeless pieces that capture the temporary nature of life. In doing so, he leaves a trail of sawdust behind.

Tim collaborates with other local artists and craftspeople to provide jobs and create a community network for other creative folk in the area. He feels very strongly about giving back to the local arts community and boosting other artists' businesses. Including more artists, with a variety of unique skillsets, on the Lumber Cats jobs has allowed them to take on a broader scope of projects and so the collaborative, creative workforce has become an integral and essential aspect of Lumber Cats' operations.

Years of work in Boston area luxury homes showed Tim that many homeowners would like to create a comfortable and unique experience in their space that makes their investment stand out from the others. Lumber Cats specializes in creating those unique artistic experiences through sculpted wall and ceiling panels, as well as home furnishings and sculptures, small and large. Individualized design, hand-crafted and tailored for your space. 


Claudia is a multimedia artist with a BFA Illustration. Although trained as an illustrator, she pursues metalwork, woodworking and other crafts to be a well-rounded maker of many things. They began working with Tim during their undergraduate studies and have continued to enjoy working with Lumber Cats since completing her fine art degree. 

In her personal work, Claudia is interested in high fantasy themes and primarily makes illustrations and sterling silver jewelry from her studio in Somerville. They have a background in blacksmithing and make knives when they have the chance to be in the shop. Above all else, she is interested in making fine art pieces for folks who want to decorate their spaces or themselves, with a little sorcery and definitely a few swords.


"It has been such a pleasure working with Tim Lorenzo. It is not often that I've found a builder that is as much an artist as a carpenter and builder. The combination has produced really great results for the zoos including thematic building at our butterfly exhibit, and climbing structures for our monkeys, porcupines, Arctic fox, and Lynx. He was also able to re-create a covered wagon at our Jaguar exhibit. Tim's work has vastly improved these animal exhibits. I look forward to continuing working with him."


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