Wooden gems with (natural???) stains, individually sold or 3 for $200 

Available gems below, listing will be removed as sold:

#3. Angled blue gem: beech wood, 7"x5", 2lb

#4. Bright yellow gem: ash wood, 6"x3", 1.5lb

#5: Bright red gem: spalted beech wood, 7"x4", 1.5lb

#6: Bright turquoise gem (pictured with red & yellow gems): spalted beech, 7"x4", 1.5lbs

#8: Tall light orange gem (pictured with dark purple/brown gem): ash, 9.5"x3.5", 1lb

#9: Dark purple/brown gem (pictured with tall light orange gem): ash, 7.5"x3", 1.5lbs

#10: Natural gem (shortest): spalted birch, 7.5"x2.5", 1lb

#11: Natural gem (tallest): cherry wood, 12.5"x4.5", 4lb

#12: Dark blue gem (pictured with orange and neon green gems): acacia, 8.5"x4", 2.5lbs

#13: Natural gem (middle): white oak, 8.5"x3", 2lbs

#16: Neon green gem: ash wood, 3.5"x3", 1lb

#17: Orange gem (pictured with dark blue & neon green gems): white oak, 8"x4", 1lb

#18: Dark matte gem: cedar wood, burned, 8x5"x5.5", 3lbs