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Outdoor structures and botanical habitats.

Lumber Cats is proud to have done a great deal of work with the Franklin Park and Stone Zoos, enhancing both animal and human spaces. Drawing inspiration from a variety of worldly sources, we have created structures that improve the habitats and integrate the landscape of the exhibits, using locally sourced and recycled materials to maintain a low ecological impact to produce highly rewarding spaces for humans and critters alike. 

Beyond the Zoos, we are looking forward to opportunities to do similar work in residential settings, for private gardens and yards.


Yukon Creek Entrance Arch. Stone Zoo, Stoneham, MA.

unnamed (58).jpg
unnamed (34).jpg
unnamed (35).jpg

Red Panda climbing and shade structure. Franklin Park Zoo, Boston, MA.

unnamed (67).jpg
unnamed (65).jpg
unnamed (63).jpg

Crane shelter and exhibit. Franklin Park Zoo, Boston, MA.

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unnamed (24).jpg

Butterfly Hollow, exhibit entrances & exits. Franklin Park Zoo, Boston, MA.

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